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ECTP in Verona – FIP qualifying seminar thematic philately

On Saturday 23rd November 2019 will take place a FIP qualifying seminar for thematic philately on the ECTP 2019 in Verona. The attendance to the seminar is recommended for national jurors of FIP countries willing to become FIP jury apprentice … Continue reading

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Pigeon Post & Edition d’Or

The new volume 57 in the prestigious Edition d’Or is only the second thematic philately exhibit in this series. The first one was volume 45 with ‘The History of the Square-Rigged Vessels‘ of Jonas Hällström (and as extra in the … Continue reading

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The German state North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen) is with a population of ca. 18 million the most populous state of Germany. Four of Germany’s 10 largest cities are situated in this state: Cologne (the largest), Dortmund, Düsseldorf (the state capital) and … Continue reading

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Philatelic Summit Papers

Almost two years ago was conducted the 3rd International Philatelic Summit in Malmö (25-27 April 2014), organised by Jonas Hällström, past president of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission. In conjunction with this seminar Postiljonen publishes a series of seminar papers, … Continue reading

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Seven Nations Challenge in London

After Australia (2012) and Sweden (2014) the Seven Nations Challenge (SNC) was held now for the third time. The seven countries that participated in Malmö two years ago were now invited in London by the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic … Continue reading

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Recommended exhibit sheet sizes

On the FIP website the different recommended exhibit sheet sizes are shown. Normally you may put 16 A4 pages – 4 rows of 4 pages – in one frame. These pages can be 2 cm wider (not 21, but 23 … Continue reading

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Four in a row

At ECTP in Essen the 4 Chairman of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission were present at the show. Giancarlo Morolli (Italy) became Chairman in 1977 after the sudden death of Frans De Troyer (Belgium). In 2004 it was Damian Läge … Continue reading

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Presenting an exhibit for an audience

The Collectors Club in New York is a group of more than 750 people who come together to further the study of philately. They organize many meeting presentations with philatelic speakers from all over the world. Since 2012 they have … Continue reading

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Seminar of thematic philately in Essen (2)

The seminar this year was about judging rarity, importance and condition. Damian Läge gave an introduction on this and also on the role of key items in an exhibit. Judges may only have three or four minutes to judge rarity … Continue reading

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Seminar of thematic philately in Essen

As usual Essen and ECTP are the meeting point of thematic philatelists from all over Europe. This is also reflected in the seminar of thematic philately, also this time leaded by Damian Läge, this time also with judges from Australia, Brazil … Continue reading

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