Next BIRDPEX in Austria

Austria will host BIRDPEX 9 in the city of Gmunden. After New Zealand (1990), Germany (1994), Great Britain (1998), the Netherlands (2002), Denmark (2006), Belgium (2010), France (2014) and Luxembourg (2018), in 2020 Austria will be the 9th country where the exhibition will take place. BIRDPEX is a special exhibition dedicated to all kind of exhibits with The topic of ‘birds’, in the first place thematic philately, but also other bird exhibits have been shown (open philately, maximaphily, …). It is a national exhibition with international participation, also open to first time exhibitors.

The BMSV Gmunden will be the organizing stamp club. They have an experience of many years with the annual exhibition in the last weekend of August: “Phila”-Toscana.

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Journal for philatelic exhibitors

It is already some years ago since the latest issue of the journal of the Australian NAPE (International Association for Philatelic Exhibitors) was published. Members always received the newest journal of The Asia Pacific Exhibitor, but after one year all were published and open to everybody on their website. The NAPE website seems to have disappeared, but here and there you may find some issues: November 2007 & November 2010.

The AAPE (American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors) was already founded in 1986 and is still alive and kicking. The AAPE exists to share and discuss ideas and techniques for improving standards of exhibit preparation, judging, and the management of exhibitions. They want to serve the entire range of people who work or have an interest in one or more of these fields, whether novice, experienced, or just beginning to think about getting involved. The Philatelic Exhibitor (TPE) is the official journal of AAPE and is published quarterly. Journals that are older than one year are uploaded to the website and free to download for everyone. With already 130 issues of the magazine on the website – a real source of information for all exhibitors. A special area of the AAPE website is to allow stamp collectors to publish their philatelic exhibits online

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Competitions at Virtual STAMPEX

It is still possible this weekend to visit the Virtual Stampex. In the Booth Hall you can find the exhibits on Booth B16 of the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies). On the one hand hand you have the One Frame Competition 2020 and on the other hand the Inter Federation competition 2020. Most of the thematic exhibits in the One Frame Competition seems to come from India. You will find an example and the results here below.

Kishore – A Great Indian Epic Relived through Philately (LS)
Animesh Jain – Special Covers released during PEX exhibitions (S)
Ira Jain – Distinguished Personalities on First Day Covers in 1997 (S)
Jaagruthi Adka – Mahabharatha (SB)
Praveen Shastry – The Solar System (B)

The Inter Federation Competition 2020 also showed some thematic exhibits.

Gary Green – The Life of the Honey Bee (G)
Grace Davies – The Dove and Olive Branch, Symbols of Hope and Peace (G)
George Henshiwood – See me? See history? (V)
Peter Kirk – Giraffes (V)
Magnus Cameron – The Famines of the Soviet Union (SB)

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Virtual STAMPEX 1-3 October

Virtual Stampex is according to the organizers the first ever virtual international stamp show. Bringing together internationally recognised, dealers, auction houses, societies and specialists from all over the globe, this 72 hour event will allow philatelists from around the world to come together to buy, sell, learn, explore, network, showcase and enjoy a philatelic experience all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned philatelist, you’re sure to find something new and exciting at the show – welcome to the philatelic revolution.

The organisers tried to create an environment where everything seems like on a normal stamp show. You enter a room with an information desk, you may visit the booth hall with all the dealers, you can enter an auditorium for the stamp talkers (also restricted until the room is full – sometimes 500 or even 3000 visitors who can be present at the same time), you have some sample downloads of the latest issues of stamp magazines (or a special offer), etc.

In the Museum of Philately there is a Court of Honour with international gold medal or Grand Prix exhibits. Only one thematic exhibit will be found here: The Jewish Homeland of Lawrence Fisher (Israël). Another exhibit of the stamp dealer David Feldman about classic green stamps from all over the world (210 pages!) is described as a thematic exhibit, but has never been participating or rewarded in the thematic class and is more of a traditional exhibit.

If you want to visit the virtual show, you have to register first (for free):

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Austria still goes on

Everywhere in the world you see that exhibitions are canceled or postponed. There is an exception though – Austria. The Austrian stamp club BMSV-Gmunden organised just as every year in the last weekend of August (3 days) the “phila”-Toscana 2020 in the city of Gmunden. This year, despite Covid-19 (face mask, distance rules, etc.) they had according to the organisers almost 700 visitors on 3 exhibition days. Gmunden is seen as one of the magnets and the center of philately in Austria.

70 exhibits were shown on this exhibition (and also 3 literature entries): 23 postal history, 13 thematic and 12 traditional philately. Here below follow the results in the class of the thematic philately.

Wilfried FuchsDie Erfolgsgeschichte des Weins – von der Rebe zum Genuss7 (1)90Large gold
Gerd Geburtig“Kosmos” Goethe – faszinierend bis heute10 (1)90Large gold
Reinhard WagnerZweimal die Erste8 (3)88Gold
Hanns Michael KennerknechtFeuerwehr “Ohne uns wird’s brenzlig”7 (1)86Gold
Johannes HoffnerDer Übergang vom Deutschen Kaiserreich zur Weimarer Republik5 (1)85Gold
Klaus ThormannNestlingszeit – ex ovo, ex nido 1 (2)83Gold
Klaus ThormannWer klopft denn da? Wir die Spechte3 (3)80Gold
Anna DambergerLebensraum Korallenriff – eine starke Gemeinschaft6 (3)78Gold
Helmut BudachGründung und Aufbau der Postverwaltung der Vereinten Nationen9 (1)76Vermeil
Oswald SchöniExotische Vielfalt der Orchideen7 (1)76Vermeil
Werner KuhrauEuropäische Sportmeisterschaften8 (2)64Silver
Erich KöppelJagdbares Wild in Österreich2 (3)48Bronze
Werner KotarbaBedrohte Säugetiere Afrikas6 (2)

In the weekend of 2-4 October 2020 another national exhibition will take place in Austria: ÖVEBRIA 2020 in St. Pölten.

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ATA’s National Stamp Collecting Month October

You may join ATA now for a month of topical programs. You can register for these interesting programs on the ATA website at

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Virtual German national exhibition NAPOSTA ’20

Germany’s 5th online exhibition, the virtual NAPOSTA 2020 (a national or rank 1 exhibition), is now online. About 60 exhibits can be seen under the link In addition to 18 thematic (9 adults and 9 youth) and 19 postal history collections, there are also three postal stationery collections, five fiscal exhibits and four from the Open Philately class. The exhibition directors are Ralph Ebner (chairman FIP Revenue Commission) and Hans-Werner Salzmann, the technical implementation was carried out by Michael Lenke. Meanwhile, the jury president is thematic philately and postal history FIP team leader Wolf Hess.

BDPh President Alfred Schmidt said: “An exhibition that can be viewed by everyone on the Internet is an excellent opportunity to show the high-quality exhibits to a large audience. You can study the exhibits much more extensively than would be possible with a usual exhibition.”

NAPOSTA 2020 is offered under the BDPh platform “Exponate online“, which is a unique documentation of exhibits. Many of these exhibits no longer exist in this form and could no longer be viewed if “Exponate online” did not exist. Many collectors are happy to take advantage of the opportunity to look at exhibits extensively, to look for suggestions for their own collections and ultimately to learn from these exhibits. One of these exhibits is the international with large gold rewarded Indianer of Wolf Hess.

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Philatelic Fridays from CIFT

We received a message from Paolo GuglIelminetti, president of CIFT (Italian Thematic Philately Association) regarding the organisation of a regular webinar, called the Philatelic Fridays. The text below has been translated from Italian.

Taking into account the success of the philatelic conference program launched starting from the lockdown period for Covid-19 – in Italy by CIFO, and throughout the world by numerous other philatelic associations – our associations have decided to organize a new program of meetings virtual philatelists. Considering the opportunity to maximize participation, we have decided to prepare a joint program, which will be disseminated and managed in a coordinated manner, with alternation between conferences organized by CIFT and CIFO.

The meetings – called PHILATELIC FRIDAYS – will be held on Fridays (only two meetings will be held on Thursdays due to the availability of the speakers) from about 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Generally, as you can see from the attached program, conferences organized by CIFT, then by CIFO will alternate, so the third will be Friday free from commitments, and then resume as indicated. We have tried to gather a varied group of themes and experts to interest all fans a little. The meetings will take place in Italian, except for those times in which the speaker is not Italian, in which case they will take place in English, as indicated in the program.

The software used will be Zoom, unless otherwise indicated.

For the first meeting, on September 25th, “How to take full advantage of postal history in the development of a thematic collection” (speaker Paolo Guglielminetti), the link for the Zoom meeting is

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 0023 7539

The conferences will be recorded to be available online later.

Hoping that the proposed program will catch your interest, we count on your presence and send you our warmest greetings.

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A new TCNews is now available online, thanks to the great job of Jari Majander (who also wrote some of the articles). You can find it here:

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IBRA 2021 -> IBRA 2023

On the Facebook page of BdPh a new date has been announced for IBRA 2023. More news will follow soon on the new website

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