Bill Hedley new FEPA president

On the FEPA meeting in Monaco (30th November) the members of the European countries have chosen Bill Hedley from UK as their new president. After 8 years (or two terms of 4 years) José Ramón Moreno stepped down as president. He is international judge thematic philately (also on the last ECTP in Verona) and was also active as secretary of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission.

Bill Hedley is the chairman of the ABPS Exhibitions and International Committee. As postal history collector he showed several times his exhibit on Hungarian postal history (from 16th century to 1900). He is also a national judge postal history. Not long ago he gave an interesting presentation in the series of ‘Stampex Talks’: How to exhibit competitively.

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PHILACUENCA 2019 (Ecuador)

The national exhibition PHILACUENCA 2019 in the city of Cuenca in Ecuador was taking place from 26th to 30th November. The results are known, but the exhibition will still be open until 4th January. Cuenca is the 3rd city of Ecuador (after Guayaquil and Quito),

The president of the jury is the well known international Thematic Philately judge Luis Fernando Díaz from Costa Rica. He was also invited as commissioner of Costa Rica, together with Rocío Ospína (youth philately) of Colombia.

Of the 26 adult exhibits 10 were shown as 1 frame (3 of them thematic philately) and 16 multiframe (3 of them thematic philately). Also present were 1 youth exhibit, 4 literature and 4 special exhibits.

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Last call for HERTOGPOST 2020 in the Netherlands

Today we received a last call to send your application form for the national exhibition HERTOGPOST 2020 (19-21 March) in the Netherlands. It is a national exhibition with international participation – as well category 1 (4 to 8 frames of 12 pages) as category 2 (3 to 7 frames of 12 pages). For each entry a separate application form is needed. For all competition classes a plan has to be sent at the same time, at the latest before December 1st. The exhibition (approximately 1000 till maximum 1450 frames) is organised by Stichting HERTOGPOST – for extra information. An exhibitor has to be a member of a society linked to the Dutch Federation KNBF or a foreign federation member of FEPA or FIP.

In 2017 was already organised the big multilateral exhibition HERTOGPOST 2017 with special guest Belgium:

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Multilateral stamp exhibition in Luxembourg

The 7 countries of the ‘Multilaterale‘ were from 8 to 10 November invited to Luxembourg. The 99 participants in this European competition of the German (?) speaking countries were divided in 68 adults, 10 youth and 21 literature exhibits. Together with organizing country Luxembourg (25 exhibits) the other participating countries were Germany (15 exhibits), Switzerland (13 exhibits), Austria (9 exhibits), Slovenia (9 exhibits) and the Netherlands (7 exhibits). No exhibits from Liechtenstein were shown, also a member of the Multilaterale. Slovenia is the newest member of this group – Belgium was not accepted to participate in the Multilaterale (even if they asked to and German is one of the 3 official languages of Belgium, but German Federation had some objections).

Most participants were in postal history (24 exhibits), followed by traditional philately (18 exhibits), thematic philately (8 exhibits), postcards (6 exhibits), maximaphily (4 exhibits), postal stationery (3 exhibits), aerophilately (2 exhibits), astrophilately and open philately (each 1 exhibit). 17 exhibits or 25% of all exhibits received a large gold medal (at least 90%) – 7 in postal history and 6 in traditional philately (and 1 in postal stationery, astrophilately, maximaphily and postcards).

Thematic Philately

– Carlo LONIEN (L), Geschichte und Siegeszug des Kaffees (88%, G)

– Leopold HÖLZL (A), Gedanken über den verbeuzelden Brandschutz (83%, LV)

– Peter KUGLER (A), Merkwürdige Briefe und Postwertzeichen (82%, LV)

– Jean WEISGERBER (L), La grande histoire du vélo (77%, V)

– Cerkvenik JANEZ (SL), Textile industry (73%, LS)

– Rolf WILDEN (CH), Besondere Pflanzengruppen (70%, LS)

– Bericic SRECKO (SL), Good luck, miners (69%, S)

Thematic Philately (one frame)

– Nico HELLING (NL), De motorfiets onder de wapenen (88%, G)

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Results ECTP 2019 in Verona

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Hot off the press – ECTP in Verona

And here are the 9 winners of the European Championship of Thematic Philately in the 9 different categories:

– Championship Class: Lawrence FISHER (IL) – The Jewish Homeland, Our Struggle for Survival

– Arts & Culture: Jean-Pierre SUYS (BE) – From body sounds to sound bodies

– History & Organisations: Francisco PINIELLA (ES) – The Conquest of the Horizon

– Man & Everyday Life: Jean-Claude ROUSSEL (FR) – Terre… Terre… Terre

– Sports & Leisure: Massimiliano BRUNO (IT) – Footballers of the world play for a cup

– Transport & Technology: Johann VANDENHAUTE (BE) – Computers, transformation of counting interventions towards wonderland internet

– Medicine & Science: Peter WEIR (UK) – Liquid of life, Blood of an ancient myth to a modern medicine

– Animals & Plants: Toni STREIT (CH) – Säugetiere: Menschliches, allzu Menschliches und Übermenschliches

– Agriculture & Pets: Helmut HISSBOECK (AT) – Let’s talk about wine

And the winner is… Francisco Piniella – the 2019 European Champion of Thematic Philately – congratulations!

Francisco Piniella with José Ramon Moreno (FEPA president)
Jean-Pierre Suys. Lawrence Fisher & Johann Vandenhaute
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ECTP 2019 Seminar for Thematic Philately

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In Austria (Wiener Neustadt) took place the national exhibition ÖVEBRIA (Österreichischer Verband Briefmarkenausstellung) (18 to 20 October). Postal history (13 exhibits) and thematic philately (12 exhibits) seem to be very popular in Austria. They compose more than half of the exhibition with a total of 46 exhibits (two literature and 6 youth exhibits included).

12 of the exhibits or more than 25% of the exhibits received at least 90%. This is in Austria at a national stamp show the equivalent of a large gold medal. 6 or half of the large gold medals went to the thematic class and only 3 to postal history class! Almost all highest award in the thematic class were obtained by the members of one and the same club: Philatelie-Club Montfort. In Austria (and also elsewhere) they already speak for some years now of the “Montforter Schule” (or the School of Montfort) – as a certain way of creating (successfully) exhibits. The leading couple of the School of Montfort, Eva and Franz Zehenter, together even received three large gold medals. Franz Zehenter is also the editor of the Austrian thematic philately newsletter of the ÖMSA (Austrian thematic collectors association).

Franz ZEHENTERDie Sozialgeschichte des Jazz92% (LG)
Richard WINKLERFaszination Gold – Geschichte und Mythos91% (LG)
Eva ZEHENTERIo Leonardo91% (LG)
Franz ZEHENTERMan richtet sich’s 91% (LG)
Willibald SCHMIDT“Bitte Lächeln” – Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Photographie90% (LG)
Reinhard WAGNERDer Osterhas’ erzählt euch was90% (LG)
Hans Michael KENNERKNECHTFeuerwehr “Ohne uns wird’s brenzlig”86% (G)
Helmut DOMERUnsere Textilrohstoffe83% (LV)
Peter RIEDLFranz Joseph Habsburg-Lothringen83% LV)
Erich BÖCKEisen und Stahl81% (LV)
Dietmar ANDRÄDie eifersüchtige Verwandtschaft (Österr.-Tschech.)65% (S)
Dietmar ANDRÄDie Geschichte der Juden in Wien65% (S)

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For the first time a thematic exhibit has won the Grand Award at a national stamp show in Canada. Congratulations to Jean Wang, a Toronto medical doctor, with her exhibit Blood: a modern medicine. She also won several other awards on the show: Award for Excellence – Treatment; Creativity in Philatelic Exhibit Award; American Topical Association Award First Place. This is not her first large gold medal of the exhibit – she already received a large gold on the National Topical Stamp Show 2017 in Milwaukee (USA).

Who could foresee this fantastic result 5 years ago, when Jean Wang started her blog thread on her thematic exhibit. This is a long story of her process since she started her exhibit. There you can see many examples of pages and how they evolve during the years.

Only three thematic exhibits and also a one frame were shown on the National Stamp Show of Canada in London.

  • Jean Wang, Blood: a modern medicine (LG)
  • Jim Taylor: Earth Science (G)
  • Vic Potter: Man microbes (LS)
  • Henny Uyl: Silent night, holy night (One frame – V)

Foto: Jean Wang (Facebook) – with Belgian postogram and stamp on plan page

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MAMER 2019

They like traditions in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Already more than 60 times you have the annual thematic philately exhibition EXPHIMO in Mondorf-les-Bains (northern part of Luxemburg). But there is also an annual activity of maximaphily in Mamer (in the Southern part of Luxemburg), now already for the 30th time. This weekend (12-13 October) you can visit this specialised exhibition in Mamer Schlass (castle). The Luxemburg post is present with a special stamp issue and cancel, remembering the 75th anniversary of the liberation (2nd World War).

This year only 5 multiframe and a one frame were competing in this maximaphily exhibition. Many more were shown ‘hors concours’, also some of 5 Luxemburg judges. Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, former FIP secretary, was the president of the judges, together with Jos Wollf, honorary FIP president.

  • Pascal BANDRY (FR), Andorre, le pays des Pyrenées (87%, G)
  • Koenraad BRACKE (BE), Eulen (86%, G)
  • Jean-Claude WATTRIN (BE), Le peintre Nicolas Grigorescu et son époque (79%, V)
  • Lars BOETTGER (DE), Der 1. Weltkrieg und seine Konsequenzen (77%, V)
  • Roger THILL (LU), Giftnudeln und Pilzleckereien (76%, V)
  • Jacques SAVRE (FR), Versailles – Rencontre avec l’Art et l’Histoire (one frame – 81%, S)
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