Bandung 2017

Here are the results of the Thematic Philately Class on the international FIP exhibition Bandung 2017 (Indonesia).

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FINLANDIA 2017 in Tampere

Here are the results of the Thematic Philately class on FINLANDIA 2017.

You will find all results of FINLANDIA 2017 on their website:

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TC meeting in Taipei

Today the new Bureau of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission has been elected:

– Chairman: Peter Suhadolc (Slovenia)

– Secretary: Tono Dwi Putranto (Indonesia)

– FIAF member: Corres Orlando Eloy (Argentina)

– FIAP member: Kim Chang Han (Rep. Of Korea)

The TC website has been renewed – every input is wellcome.


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Dante Alighieri

In memory of the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) also philatelic events were organised. The Circolo Filatelico e Numismatico “Dante Alighieri” (Ravenna, Italy) and the CIFT (Italian Association of Thematic Philately) edited a catalogue of all the philatelic material that exists of Dante Alighieri. So they published not only a catalogue of the stamps, but also special obliterations, meters, postal stationeries and others.

Already more than 5 years ago CIFT started a huge project on the Divina Commedia of Dante – Progetto Dante. This enormous work was discussed for years on the forum of the CIFT (in Italian). This resulted in three volumes and DVD on one of the major works of world literature (Inferno / Purgatorio / Paradiso).

Dante2   Dante3

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CIFT news from Italy

As president of the CIFT (Centro Italiano Filatelia Tematica) Luciano Calenda brought a new flow in the Italian thematic association. This new boost given to Italian thematic philately was mostly seen in the very colored new magazine Notiziario tematico (in Italian) in a special format, but also in the many projects he started. Already some time ago Luciano Calenda handed over the presidency to Paolo Guglielminetti. Last month CIFT has named Luciano now honorary president of the organization.


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Filamania and national exhibition in the Netherlands

One of the most popular stamp events for thematic philatelists in the Netherlands is the “Brievenbeurs” in Gouda (with Filamania and Goldacarta). This takes place every year in the days before Eastern. This year the event will be on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of March 2016 with special topic “Great Britain and dependencies”. The committee of “Stichting Filatelistische Evenementen” (Foundation of Philatelic Events) has now planned together with this event a national exhibition in 2019 (18th-20th April).


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Jury seminar in Germany

In the weekend of 13th and 14th of February the BDPh (German Federation of Philately) organised a jury seminar for the classes thematic philately, postal history and traditional philately. Not only a theoretical seminar with lectures, but also very practical with judging of exhibits in small groups (the same as they do on the Seminars of Thematic Philately in Essen). This one was organised in the premises of the auction house Christoph Gärtner. Also board members of BDPh were present, also Alfred Schmidt, well know for his large gold exhibit in thematic philately and also one of the winners of the European Championship of Thematic Philately.

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New web portal of philately

The AICPM (Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare e Storia Postale or the Italian Association of Collectors of Military Post and Postal History) started a new web portal of philately. The Stamp on the Web portal  is not only about the Federations, the Societies, Academies, Museums, Philatelic Magazines, etc., but also on all classes of philately and all kind of other philatelic links. Mostly interesting is a link to – what they say – 4000 online exhibits. So far they have no link to philatelic blogs 😉

Press release of Giancarlo Morolli (2nd Chairman of the FIP Commission Thematic Philately and now vice president FEPA):

On 18 January AICPM, the largest Italian postal history association, launched a new philatelic Portal, Stampontheweb is a portal for everyone sharing our hobby, designed to make life easier as far as searching for information in the web is concerned.

The main goal of Stampontheweb is increasing the value of the information currently present on the web by making it more visible and easier to access to all Internet navigators. In so doing, Stampontheweb is a service to the great world of philately, as it makes more effective the work done by the thousands who have devoted their efforts to creating and maintaining philatelic information on the web.

The Stampontheweb Advisory Committee is chaired by Piero Macrelli, AICPM President, and includes, among others, Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi, AEP President, and Giancarlo Morolli, FEPA Vice President. After a careful check of a very large number of philatelic websites, their content has been classified in main categories accessible though the portal. Hence, no heavy work is needed to sort out the outcome of a search performed with one of the many engines available of the net, as they have been already sifted through and assigned to the various categories. The classification is structured in chapters devoted to general philatelic resources as well as to specialized resources, especially useful for exhibitor. For instance, four thousand exhibits can be accessed using this no-frills portal.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-28 om 20.55.13


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It is all about teeth

Last year we posted a message about a French book on dentistry in philately « Histoire de la Médecine Bucco-Dentaire au travers de la Philatélie ». Now the second part of this book is available from the author. In this new volume, published 23th of January 2016, you will find some new information on 260 pages. More information from the author Henri Aronis (see references in other blog post here below).



On the national exhibition Phila-France in Mâcon there was an interesting exhibit with “all about teeth”: Les dents dans leur environnement of Henri Aronis. He started exhibiting in the thematic philately class. And after a sideway in the open class last year on Philapoitiers he is now back, better than ever, in the thematic philately class again, with a large vermeil medal.

He knows “all about teeth”, after working as a dentist for 40 years in Brussels (Belgium). He is born in Brussels and did his studies at the ULB, but is now living (and exhibiting) in France. He already started being interested in stamps in the eighties, but it is only after his retirement in 2000 that he spends more time in his hobby.

He accumulated a lot of material so it seemed inevitable to start exhibiting and also spreading the information through his website. October 2014 he…

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Philatelic Summit Papers

Almost two years ago was conducted the 3rd International Philatelic Summit in Malmö (25-27 April 2014), organised by Jonas Hällström, past president of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission. In conjunction with this seminar Postiljonen publishes a series of seminar papers, also edited by Jonas Hällström.

With 3 new papers in this series now 11 papers are available (or better 10, since number 6 about Selecting the Material for my Exhibit by Damian Läge has not yet been published). Number 9, 10 and 11 in this series is about Explaining the Philatelic Material:

  • Number 9: Traditional Philately (Lars Peters Svendsen, Denmark)
  • Number 10: Postal History (Geoffrey Lewis, Australia)
  • Number 11: Thematic Philately (Jonas Hällström, Sweden)

This is now the second paper in this series about thematic philately. Also still available is number 8: Philatelic Material in Thematic Philately Exhibits (Jari Majander, Finland). Except for number 1 (sold out) all papers still can be ordered from Postiljonen (€25 each + shipping).

Namnlöst-5    summit omslag 8.P65


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