In Austria (Wiener Neustadt) took place the national exhibition ÖVEBRIA (Österreichischer Verband Briefmarkenausstellung) (18 to 20 October). Postal history (13 exhibits) and thematic philately (12 exhibits) seem to be very popular in Austria. They compose more than half of the exhibition with a total of 46 exhibits (two literature and 6 youth exhibits included).

12 of the exhibits or more than 25% of the exhibits received at least 90%. This is in Austria at a national stamp show the equivalent of a large gold medal. 6 or half of the large gold medals went to the thematic class and only 3 to postal history class! Almost all highest award in the thematic class were obtained by the members of one and the same club: Philatelie-Club Montfort. In Austria (and also elsewhere) they already speak for some years now of the “Montforter Schule” (or the School of Montfort) – as a certain way of creating (successfully) exhibits. The leading couple of the School of Montfort, Eva and Franz Zehenter, together even received three large gold medals. Franz Zehenter is also the editor of the Austrian thematic philately newsletter of the ÖMSA (Austrian thematic collectors association).

Franz ZEHENTERDie Sozialgeschichte des Jazz92% (LG)
Richard WINKLERFaszination Gold – Geschichte und Mythos91% (LG)
Eva ZEHENTERIo Leonardo91% (LG)
Franz ZEHENTERMan richtet sich’s 91% (LG)
Willibald SCHMIDT“Bitte Lächeln” – Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Photographie90% (LG)
Reinhard WAGNERDer Osterhas’ erzählt euch was90% (LG)
Hans Michael KENNERKNECHTFeuerwehr “Ohne uns wird’s brenzlig”86% (G)
Helmut DOMERUnsere Textilrohstoffe83% (LV)
Peter RIEDLFranz Joseph Habsburg-Lothringen83% LV)
Erich BÖCKEisen und Stahl81% (LV)
Dietmar ANDRÄDie eifersüchtige Verwandtschaft (Österr.-Tschech.)65% (S)
Dietmar ANDRÄDie Geschichte der Juden in Wien65% (S)

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For the first time a thematic exhibit has won the Grand Award at a national stamp show in Canada. Congratulations to Jean Wang, a Toronto medical doctor, with her exhibit Blood: a modern medicine. She also won several other awards on the show: Award for Excellence – Treatment; Creativity in Philatelic Exhibit Award; American Topical Association Award First Place. This is not her first large gold medal of the exhibit – she already received a large gold on the National Topical Stamp Show 2017 in Milwaukee (USA).

Who could foresee this fantastic result 5 years ago, when Jean Wang started her blog thread on her thematic exhibit. This is a long story of her process since she started her exhibit. There you can see many examples of pages and how they evolve during the years.

Only three thematic exhibits and also a one frame were shown on the National Stamp Show of Canada in London.

  • Jean Wang, Blood: a modern medicine (LG)
  • Jim Taylor: Earth Science (G)
  • Vic Potter: Man microbes (LS)
  • Henny Uyl: Silent night, holy night (One frame – V)

Foto: Jean Wang (Facebook) – with Belgian postogram and stamp on plan page

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MAMER 2019

They like traditions in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Already more than 60 times you have the annual thematic philately exhibition EXPHIMO in Mondorf-les-Bains (northern part of Luxemburg). But there is also an annual activity of maximaphily in Mamer (in the Southern part of Luxemburg), now already for the 30th time. This weekend (12-13 October) you can visit this specialised exhibition in Mamer Schlass (castle). The Luxemburg post is present with a special stamp issue and cancel, remembering the 75th anniversary of the liberation (2nd World War).

This year only 5 multiframe and a one frame were competing in this maximaphily exhibition. Many more were shown ‘hors concours’, also some of 5 Luxemburg judges. Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, former FIP secretary, was the president of the judges, together with Jos Wollf, honorary FIP president.

  • Pascal BANDRY (FR), Andorre, le pays des Pyrenées (87%, G)
  • Koenraad BRACKE (BE), Eulen (86%, G)
  • Jean-Claude WATTRIN (BE), Le peintre Nicolas Grigorescu et son époque (79%, V)
  • Lars BOETTGER (DE), Der 1. Weltkrieg und seine Konsequenzen (77%, V)
  • Roger THILL (LU), Giftnudeln und Pilzleckereien (76%, V)
  • Jacques SAVRE (FR), Versailles – Rencontre avec l’Art et l’Histoire (one frame – 81%, S)
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HUNFILA 2019 (2)

With almost 650 frames on HUNFILA 2019 many thematic exhibits were shown: 17 in the national class (not only from Hungary, but also from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) and also many in the one frame class. Also 7 Hungarian multiframe thematic philately exhibits and several one frame are shown in the special TEMAFILA 2019 (a 2nd rank exhibition). And another 7 Hungarian thematic philately exhibits are present in the special edition of “The stamp window to the world”. Two of the thematic judges, Artur Banas (Hungary) and Vojtech Jankovic (Slovakia) show their thematic exhibits in the honorary (jury) class


  • Rafael ACUNA CASTILLO (SP), Beware: Life is fragile! The eternal struggle of the human being in front of the disease (87%, G)
  • Horst HORIN (AT), Kurz – Mittel – Lang (86%, G)
  • György EGERSZEGI (HU), Hungarian Vassage – Hungarian Christianity until 13th century (85%, G)
  • Peter FENCL (CZ), Gagarin in a Skirt (83%, LV)
  • Constantin CALIN (RO), Lions in human culture (80%, LV)
  • Wolfgang BEYER (DE), Rackenvögel (79%, V)
  • Günter WOELK (DE), Von der Bewegungskultur zur Leichtathletik (7ç%, V)
  • Heinrich WELSCHHOFF (DE), Allerweltsvögel – Raubmöwen, Möwen, Seeschwalben (78%, V)
  • Kalman KRECSIK (HU), Summer Olympics and their medals 1896-1928 (75%, V)
  • Vasile FLORKIEVITZ (RO), Ein Leben gewidmet der Musik – Franz Liszt (73%, LS)
  • Marian LINDER (SK), Fencing – From origin of fencing to modern fencing and its competitions (73%, LS)
  • Dietrich ECKLEBE (DE), Schätze der Welt – Weltkulturerbe in Deutschland (71%, LS)
  • Ilie NEGREA (RO), Chronicle of the Olympics – from Antiquity until 1952 (71%, LS)
  • Wolfgang KNOSSALLA (DE), Martin Luther – Reformation Mit- und Gegenspieler (63%, SB)
  • Mihai Emanoil FLOREA (RO), Steam Locomotive (62%, SB)
  • Otto PISZTON (SK), The horse in the armed forces (58%, B)
  • Péter CZIBULA (HU), Land Transport (50%, B)
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IBRA 2021

The website of IBRA 2021, international FIP exhibition in Essen, has been launched, together with Bulletin 1, 48 pages (+ 4) of interesting information about the exhibition and Essen. It is already more than 20 years since the last IBRA 99 in Nürnberg. From 6 to 9th of May 2021 Essen will be the capital city of philately. It is now the 3rd international FIP exhibition that will be held in Germany – IBRA 73 in Munich being the first one.

Available halls are 6000m2 with place for approximately 2800 frames and 50 information stands of study and research groups. In the last years there were very few FIP exhibitions in Europe, so it will be interesting to see if this exhibition will also be oversubscribed as LONDON 2020. They had applications for 5000 frames, but only ca. 3000 can be accepted (in two shows of ca. 1500 frames each).

For the first time on an FIP exhibition digital literature will also be accepted in competition. AIJP has granted its patronage and will supervisie the reading room where also websites can be viewed on site.

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ECTP in Verona – FIP qualifying seminar thematic philately

On Saturday 23rd November 2019 will take place a FIP qualifying seminar for thematic philately on the ECTP 2019 in Verona.

  • The attendance to the seminar is recommended for national jurors of FIP countries willing to become FIP jury apprentice in the future.
  • Access for other participants is allowed depending on the availability of place (only for the presentation sessions: 9:30-12:30 and 16:00-17:30)

You can reserve your place by confirming the participation to Paolo Guglielminetti (commissary @ fsfi.it), the general commissioner of the exhibition, specifying whether you are participating as national thematic philately juror willing to become a FIP jury apprentice or as interested person.

FSFI also celebrating 100th anniversary in Verona

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62nd EXPHIMO in Mondorf-les-Bains

PHILCOLUX invites you again in Mondorf-les-Bains (Luxemburg) on this international thematic philatelic exhibition. Next to a competition of the theme “technology” the VPhA organises for the 5th time a 1-frame team competition. Participation terms, conditions and registration form can be found on http://www.philcolux.lu and http://www.vpha.de.

Teams participate with 5 exhibits of one frame – all thematic philately. A team may get extra points if they have youth exhibits, exhibitors of less than 40 years old, if they publish a magazine, of they have a booth at the exhibition and an introductory frame with some information on their working group activities, etc.

The exhibition EXPHIMO 2020 takes place from 30th May to 1st June 2020 in the Sports Centre “Roll Delles” in Mondorf-les-Bains (Luxemburg).

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Application forms for LONDON 2020 had to be sent to your national commissioner by 30 June 2019. But there is a second international FIP exhibition in 2020 – INDONESIA 2020. The message with an invitation to the national federations has been sent in the middle of August and national commissioners could be designated. They have not much time left now to find exhibits and send the application forms by 31 October 2019.

INDONESIA 2020 will be held for the first time in the Parliament Building (DPR/MPR) in Jakarta (6-11 August 2020), to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. This is already the 3rd FIP exhibition in 10 years in Indonesia: INDONESIA 2012 (also in Jakarta, 18-24 June 2012 in Jakarta Convention Center), BANDUNG 2017 (3-7 August in Bandung) and now again in Jakarta INDONESIA 2020.

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150 years of celebrating the Mahatma – INPEX 2019

The Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) will organise the last national show of 2019 and maybe the only one in December this year. This will be another opportunity to participate in a national exhibition and qualify for international participation. INPEX 2019 will include almost all classes (but not picture postcards). The thematic class is divided in 5 sub-classes: Mahatma Gandhi, other Indian themes, nature, culture and technology. The sub-class Mahatma Gandhi celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Mahatma (born 2nd October 1869).

INPEX 2019 will take place at the World Trade Centre (Expo Center) in Mumbai from 18 to 22 December 2019. Participation is open to all philatelists who are resident in India and are member of PCI. There will be a total number of about 900 frames. The Indian Post will provide cancellations depicting different themes on each day of the exhibition.

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Canberra Stampshow 2018 -> 2020

The Philatelic Society of Canberra is one of Australia’s most active philatelic societies who celebrated 75 years of operation in November 2007. The next celebration will be Canberra Stampshow 2020 at the Hellenic Club Woden in Canberra (13-15 March 2020). This 21st National Philatelic Convention will be a celebration of Pacific Exploration, including the 250th anniversary of James Cook voyage to the Pacific, including his visit to New Zealand and the Eastern Coast of Australia. This exhibition in March will only be a half national exhibition – the other half will be in August in Newcastle.

In 2018 the Philatelic Society of Canberra staged the Canberra Stamp Show 2018 (16-18 March 2018) – the 20th Biennial Exhibition. The main theme for that exhibition was the celebration of nursing in Australia, but also the centenary of World War I. There were 70 entries including 54 national level exhibits with 4 large gold and 8 gold medals awarded in the national classes. Only two thematic philately exhibits, but 15 exhibits were shown in open philately!

Also some topical class exhibits were shown here as an experimental national class. This class seeks to provide collectors with the opportunity to exhibit material by topic or subject with the items in the exhibit connected by the subject shown and not by a thematic theme or a traditional country treatment. Examples of a topical class exhibit could include birds vehicles or scientists on stamps. The difference between thematic philately and the topical class is that a topical class exhibit would show only philatelic items depicting the subject while a thematic exhibit would have a theme which would allow the inclusion of philatelic items related to the theme. There were two topical exhibits with another two exhibits transferred to topical from open and thematics. (APF News July 2018)

Exhibition Results 2018

Thematic Philately
Wendy BucklePaper Past and Present81% (LV)
Anne StammersRocks to Riches77% (V)

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