Four in a row

At ECTP in Essen the 4 Chairman of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission were present at the show. Giancarlo Morolli (Italy) became Chairman in 1977 after the sudden death of Frans De Troyer (Belgium). In 2004 it was Damian Läge (Germany) who took over as Chairman. According to the new rules for the commissions he could only stay for 8 years as Chairman. In 2012 Jonas Hällström (Sweden) was elected, but he resigned after 2 years. So now the Secretary Koenraad Bracke (Belgium) took over and became acting Chairman.

Giancarlo Morolli and Jonas Hällström were active at the ECTP as judges and team leaders (each of one of the 4 jury groups) and Koenraad Bracke was also one of the judges of ECTP. Damian Läge was the overall winner of the exhibition and the 7th European Champion of Thematic Philately.

IMG_4091 (Photo: Luiz Paulo Rodriguez)

Damian Läge, Giancarlo Morolli, Jonas Hällström, Koenraad Bracke

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