Philatelic Summit Papers

Almost two years ago was conducted the 3rd International Philatelic Summit in Malmö (25-27 April 2014), organised by Jonas Hällström, past president of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission. In conjunction with this seminar Postiljonen publishes a series of seminar papers, also edited by Jonas Hällström.

With 3 new papers in this series now 11 papers are available (or better 10, since number 6 about Selecting the Material for my Exhibit by Damian Läge has not yet been published). Number 9, 10 and 11 in this series is about Explaining the Philatelic Material:

  • Number 9: Traditional Philately (Lars Peters Svendsen, Denmark)
  • Number 10: Postal History (Geoffrey Lewis, Australia)
  • Number 11: Thematic Philately (Jonas Hällström, Sweden)

This is now the second paper in this series about thematic philately. Also still available is number 8: Philatelic Material in Thematic Philately Exhibits (Jari Majander, Finland). Except for number 1 (sold out) all papers still can be ordered from Postiljonen (€25 each + shipping).

Namnlöst-5    summit omslag 8.P65


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