Seven Nations Challenge in London

After Australia (2012) and Sweden (2014) the Seven Nations Challenge (SNC) was held now for the third time. The seven countries that participated in Malmö two years ago were now invited in London by the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies) in conjunction with the BDPh (Bund Deutscher Philatelisten), the winner of the latest SNC. The place to be was the Business Design Center in Islington, the same venue as LONDON 2015 and the Spring and Autumn STAMPEX. This British National Stamp Exhibition celebrated this time STAMPEX 60 Years.

The 7 participating countries (Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and the USA) showed their 4 best exhibits in a wide range of classes: Aerophilately (2), Postal History (6), Postal Stationery (5), Revenues (3), Thematic Philately (5) and Traditional Philately (7). Each team delivered a commissioner, also judging in two teams. Of seven judges also three specialized in thematic philately (Jonas Hällström from Sweden, Wolf Hess from Germany and Jozef Ghys from Belgium). The team of Great Britain ended on the first place with 385 points (or an average of 96,25%). On second place only one point behind Denmark with 384 points and on third place Germany also only one point behind with 383 points.

But primus inter pares was the thematic philately exhibit of the German team with Damian Läge who received 98 points for his Fascinated in feathers. Other thematic philately exhibits:

  • Mark Bottu (BE), If you want to be my followers… (95%)
  • Lesley Marley (GB), A whale’s tale (95%)
  • Jörgen Jörgensen (DK), Fisheries – from food gathering to feeding the world (93%)
  • Bengt-Göran Österdahl (SE), The History of Chemistry (93%)

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-21 om 21.23.54

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