Pigeon Post & Edition d’Or

The new volume 57 in the prestigious Edition d’Or is only the second thematic philately exhibit in this series. The first one was volume 45 with ‘The History of the Square-Rigged Vessels of Jonas Hällström (and as extra in the same volume also his postal stationery exhibit ‘Denmark 1927-1952 – The Caravel Postal Stationery‘). He has been the president of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission. In the introductory pages he also captures and reflects current approaches to thematic philately and practice, defined as having a “story-telling” concept in philatelic exhibits. It was the first book in this series in landscape format, because the exhibit is on A3 pages.

Also the Lutz König Collection in volume 57 has the landscape format, but this exhibit is in the so called Damian Läge format: not 4 A4 pages on one row or 2 A3 pages, but 3 pages on one row, so almost square pages. You see this format now more and more often in (international) thematic philately exhibits. The tile of this volume ‘Pigeon Post‘ might be misleading. Even if some of the finest pigeon post items are included in this exhibit, it is not about the pigeon post itself but all about “pigeons”. The title of this thematic philately exhibit that received several large gold medals is: ‘Pigeons – Great diversity in the wild – Domesticated and admired by man‘. This collection won twice (2010 and 2014) the BIRDPEX exhibition (only “bird” exhibits allowed). it was also the winner of the 6th ECTP (European Champion) edition. His last large gold was this year on the prestigious STOCKHOLMIA 2019 exhibition (150 years RPSL).

Lutz König is born in the former GDR and was a passionated breeder of pigeons. He won several awards with his pigeons until 1990. Then he switched to the philatelic pigeons and started his thematic collection. As a member of the thematic group Motivgruppe Ornithologie (now PAGO or Philatelistische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ornithologie) he came in contact with many other bird collectors and bird exhibits, most of all on the multi-day annual meetings with the very interesting philatelic lectures of Damian Läge, also a keen ‘bird’ exhibitor.

They should make more books of this kind on thematic philately exhibits – not only beautiful to see with the many wonderful philatelic items, but also a very good and entertaining read, in this case about the world of pigeons.

P.S. An article of Lutz König (in German) can be found on the website of PHILCOLUX. In this article he describes several aspects of the creation of his exhibit (with many of the finest items illustrated): ‘Aspekte zum Aufbau meiner thematischen Sammlung über Tauben‘.

Title page and plan of the Lutz König exhibit

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