The Whitsunday weekend is traditionally the place to be for thematic philatelists in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries or even further. The EXPHIMO 2016 exhibition of this year (14-16 May 2016) is dedicated to thematic exhibits of arts and culture. It will take place in the Centre Sportif Roll Delles in Mondorf-les-Bains.



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Seven Nations Challenge in London

After Australia (2012) and Sweden (2014) the Seven Nations Challenge (SNC) was held now for the third time. The seven countries that participated in Malmö two years ago were now invited in London by the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies) in conjunction with the BDPh (Bund Deutscher Philatelisten), the winner of the latest SNC. The place to be was the Business Design Center in Islington, the same venue as LONDON 2015 and the Spring and Autumn STAMPEX. This British National Stamp Exhibition celebrated this time STAMPEX 60 Years.

The 7 participating countries (Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and the USA) showed their 4 best exhibits in a wide range of classes: Aerophilately (2), Postal History (6), Postal Stationery (5), Revenues (3), Thematic Philately (5) and Traditional Philately (7). Each team delivered a commissioner, also judging in two teams. Of seven judges also three specialized in thematic philately (Jonas Hällström from Sweden, Wolf Hess from Germany and Jozef Ghys from Belgium). The team of Great Britain ended on the first place with 385 points (or an average of 96,25%). On second place only one point behind Denmark with 384 points and on third place Germany also only one point behind with 383 points.

But primus inter pares was the thematic philately exhibit of the German team with Damian Läge who received 98 points for his Fascinated in feathers. Other thematic philately exhibits:

  • Mark Bottu (BE), If you want to be my followers… (95%)
  • Lesley Marley (GB), A whale’s tale (95%)
  • Jörgen Jörgensen (DK), Fisheries – from food gathering to feeding the world (93%)
  • Bengt-Göran Österdahl (SE), The History of Chemistry (93%)

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Blog active again

If you can read this, then I will have succeeded in getting the blog active again after a long silence. Let’s hope everything will be OK now with getting online, so you may read now the latest news of the world of thematic philately. In the near future also some old news, because of the updates that you have missed in the last months.

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Music-Theatre-Dance in Greek and Cyprus philately

Pantelis Leoussis is not only the Greek delegate of Thematic Philately Commission, but also the president of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation and of the Panhellenic Association of Thematic and Youth Philately. He is an enthusiastic music collector with his thematic exhibit “National hymns and patriotic songs”.

Some time ago he wrote a book about “Music, theatre & dance in Greek and Cyprus philately“, published by the Hellenic Post. This was originally written bilingual in English and Greek (see examples below), but because of its volume the Hellenic Post only published the Greek version (available in post offices all over the country for 19 €). An English version will follow.

Greece-2013 Pantelis Leoussis  Schermafbeelding 2015-05-31 om 18.24.53

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-31 om 18.23.49

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TAIPEI 2015 – the results

Next year we will have the international FIP exhibition in Taipei (October 2016, but at the end of April 2015 there was a FIAP (Asian) exhibition in Taipei. In total only 17 thematic philately exhibits were presented, as usual in the 3 thematic classes Nature, Culture and Technology. Exhibitors from 10 different countries: Chinese Taipei (5), Indonesia (3), Mongolia (3), Bahrain (1), India (1), Korea (1), Malaysia (1), Oman (1) and UAE (1). The average of points was 76% or a large silver medal. Of the 6 large golds of the exhibition one in the thematic philately class I-Hung Ho (Carbohydrate Food and Beverage) and also only 1 of 15 golds to thematic exhibit – both to an exhibitor from Chinese Taipei.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-28 om 17.45.39


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New delegate in Sweden

The Board of the Swedish Philatelic Association (SFF) has now officially appointed Sten-Anders Smeds as the new delegate of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission. He was also present at the Seminar (not for the first time) in Essen this year.

Since 2010 he is the editor of Motivsamlaren, the magazine of the Svenska Motivsamlare (SMS, the Swedish Thematic Collectors). As a geologist it is obvious that his thematic exhibit deals with mineralogy and petrology. He wrote many articles on thematic philately, but best known is his series on the Swedish cancels: Svenska motivstämplar. He is judging since 1992 at many regional and national exhibitions.

205838826_2bf0e5ce-d674-4009-906d-33f82588fbeb     120302_huddex4

Jury HUDDEX 2012: Sten-Anders Smeds & Bengt Bengtsson (Photo: Per Bunnstad)

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A new page on the blog: the Calendar. You will find it above – right from the “Home” button. Just an easy to follow calendar with national and international exhibitions, especially with thematic philately exhibits, and also seminars, meetings and events regarding thematic philately.

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Sheet sizes – one example

On the national exhibition Phila-France in Mâcon I have checked all the thematic philately exhibits regarding sheet sizes.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-28 om 16.08.14

So more than half of the exhibitors still only use A4 pages. If they choose the larger pages, in France it is till common to use the A3 pages (and not the size in between A4 and A3 as is seen now o,n international level more in some German exhibits). The A3 is not easy to handle and to fill the page correctly. Some of the exhibitors still divide a lot of these A3 pages in two parts, sometimes even separated by a line in the middle of the page (example 1 below). But some others are able to fill the whole page and take care of the fact that you have to read from left to right and from above to below.

If you have a large subject and you want to use A3 size, this may cause you problems in putting the subtitles on the pages. With A3 you only have half of the pages, so you only can use half of the subtitles that you are able to use on the A4 size pages. With a narrow theme you may not have this problem.

Another problem with larger pages maybe the transport of the exhibit. This may make it difficult for the commissioner to take your exhibit with him (sometimes by hand luggage). If you only have very few A3 pages, it has already happened that people who are dismounting the exhibits on some international exhibition and are not aware of what they have in their hands, they want to fold these big pages so they have the same size as the rest of the exhibit – A4.

An exhibit on “playing cards” used the size of a big A4 playing card with rounded edges (see example below at the right).

IMG_4744   IMG_4456

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What a lovely thing a rose is…

One of the few exhibits on Phila-France in Mâcon on A3 format deals with “roses”: “Belle comme une rose!” of Jacques Rothenburg. He really uses the full space of the bigger pages, not dividing them in two parts as some other exhibitors do when using the A3 format.

Some exemplary pages of this exhibit about “roses”.

IMG_4773  IMG_4777

IMG_4801  IMG_4807

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It is all about teeth

On the national exhibition Phila-France in Mâcon there was an interesting exhibit with “all about teeth”: Les dents dans leur environnement of Henri Aronis. He started exhibiting in the thematic philately class. And after a sideway in the open class last year on Philapoitiers he is now back, better than ever, in the thematic philately class again, with a large vermeil medal.

He knows “all about teeth”, after working as a dentist for 40 years in Brussels (Belgium). He is born in Brussels and did his studies at the ULB, but is now living (and exhibiting) in France. He already started being interested in stamps in the eighties, but it is only after his retirement in 2000 that he spends more time in his hobby.

He accumulated a lot of material so it seemed inevitable to start exhibiting and also spreading the information through his website. October 2014 he published a book (in French) about “all about teeth”: Histoire de la Médecine Bucco-Dentaire au travers de la Philatélie (362 pages, nicely illustrated in full color with 2000 images of which 700 stamps and 500 philatelic documents).

The book is available from the author – more info on his website.

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