Multilateral stamp exhibition in Luxembourg

The 7 countries of the ‘Multilaterale‘ were from 8 to 10 November invited to Luxembourg. The 99 participants in this European competition of the German (?) speaking countries were divided in 68 adults, 10 youth and 21 literature exhibits. Together with organizing country Luxembourg (25 exhibits) the other participating countries were Germany (15 exhibits), Switzerland (13 exhibits), Austria (9 exhibits), Slovenia (9 exhibits) and the Netherlands (7 exhibits). No exhibits from Liechtenstein were shown, also a member of the Multilaterale. Slovenia is the newest member of this group – Belgium was not accepted to participate in the Multilaterale (even if they asked to and German is one of the 3 official languages of Belgium, but German Federation had some objections).

Most participants were in postal history (24 exhibits), followed by traditional philately (18 exhibits), thematic philately (8 exhibits), postcards (6 exhibits), maximaphily (4 exhibits), postal stationery (3 exhibits), aerophilately (2 exhibits), astrophilately and open philately (each 1 exhibit). 17 exhibits or 25% of all exhibits received a large gold medal (at least 90%) – 7 in postal history and 6 in traditional philately (and 1 in postal stationery, astrophilately, maximaphily and postcards).

Thematic Philately

– Carlo LONIEN (L), Geschichte und Siegeszug des Kaffees (88%, G)

– Leopold HÖLZL (A), Gedanken über den verbeuzelden Brandschutz (83%, LV)

– Peter KUGLER (A), Merkwürdige Briefe und Postwertzeichen (82%, LV)

– Jean WEISGERBER (L), La grande histoire du vélo (77%, V)

– Cerkvenik JANEZ (SL), Textile industry (73%, LS)

– Rolf WILDEN (CH), Besondere Pflanzengruppen (70%, LS)

– Bericic SRECKO (SL), Good luck, miners (69%, S)

Thematic Philately (one frame)

– Nico HELLING (NL), De motorfiets onder de wapenen (88%, G)

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