Hot off the press – ECTP in Verona

And here are the 9 winners of the European Championship of Thematic Philately in the 9 different categories:

– Championship Class: Lawrence FISHER (IL) – The Jewish Homeland, Our Struggle for Survival

– Arts & Culture: Jean-Pierre SUYS (BE) – From body sounds to sound bodies

– History & Organisations: Francisco PINIELLA (ES) – The Conquest of the Horizon

– Man & Everyday Life: Jean-Claude ROUSSEL (FR) – Terre… Terre… Terre

– Sports & Leisure: Massimiliano BRUNO (IT) – Footballers of the world play for a cup

– Transport & Technology: Johann VANDENHAUTE (BE) – Computers, transformation of counting interventions towards wonderland internet

– Medicine & Science: Peter WEIR (UK) – Liquid of life, Blood of an ancient myth to a modern medicine

– Animals & Plants: Toni STREIT (CH) – Säugetiere: Menschliches, allzu Menschliches und Übermenschliches

– Agriculture & Pets: Helmut HISSBOECK (AT) – Let’s talk about wine

And the winner is… Francisco Piniella – the 2019 European Champion of Thematic Philately – congratulations!

Francisco Piniella with José Ramon Moreno (FEPA president)
Jean-Pierre Suys. Lawrence Fisher & Johann Vandenhaute

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