In Austria (Wiener Neustadt) took place the national exhibition ÖVEBRIA (Österreichischer Verband Briefmarkenausstellung) (18 to 20 October). Postal history (13 exhibits) and thematic philately (12 exhibits) seem to be very popular in Austria. They compose more than half of the exhibition with a total of 46 exhibits (two literature and 6 youth exhibits included).

12 of the exhibits or more than 25% of the exhibits received at least 90%. This is in Austria at a national stamp show the equivalent of a large gold medal. 6 or half of the large gold medals went to the thematic class and only 3 to postal history class! Almost all highest award in the thematic class were obtained by the members of one and the same club: Philatelie-Club Montfort. In Austria (and also elsewhere) they already speak for some years now of the “Montforter Schule” (or the School of Montfort) – as a certain way of creating (successfully) exhibits. The leading couple of the School of Montfort, Eva and Franz Zehenter, together even received three large gold medals. Franz Zehenter is also the editor of the Austrian thematic philately newsletter of the ÖMSA (Austrian thematic collectors association).

Franz ZEHENTERDie Sozialgeschichte des Jazz92% (LG)
Richard WINKLERFaszination Gold – Geschichte und Mythos91% (LG)
Eva ZEHENTERIo Leonardo91% (LG)
Franz ZEHENTERMan richtet sich’s 91% (LG)
Willibald SCHMIDT“Bitte Lächeln” – Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Photographie90% (LG)
Reinhard WAGNERDer Osterhas’ erzählt euch was90% (LG)
Hans Michael KENNERKNECHTFeuerwehr “Ohne uns wird’s brenzlig”86% (G)
Helmut DOMERUnsere Textilrohstoffe83% (LV)
Peter RIEDLFranz Joseph Habsburg-Lothringen83% LV)
Erich BÖCKEisen und Stahl81% (LV)
Dietmar ANDRÄDie eifersüchtige Verwandtschaft (Österr.-Tschech.)65% (S)
Dietmar ANDRÄDie Geschichte der Juden in Wien65% (S)

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