For the first time a thematic exhibit has won the Grand Award at a national stamp show in Canada. Congratulations to Jean Wang, a Toronto medical doctor, with her exhibit Blood: a modern medicine. She also won several other awards on the show: Award for Excellence – Treatment; Creativity in Philatelic Exhibit Award; American Topical Association Award First Place. This is not her first large gold medal of the exhibit – she already received a large gold on the National Topical Stamp Show 2017 in Milwaukee (USA).

Who could foresee this fantastic result 5 years ago, when Jean Wang started her blog thread on her thematic exhibit. This is a long story of her process since she started her exhibit. There you can see many examples of pages and how they evolve during the years.

Only three thematic exhibits and also a one frame were shown on the National Stamp Show of Canada in London.

  • Jean Wang, Blood: a modern medicine (LG)
  • Jim Taylor: Earth Science (G)
  • Vic Potter: Man microbes (LS)
  • Henny Uyl: Silent night, holy night (One frame – V)

Foto: Jean Wang (Facebook) – with Belgian postogram and stamp on plan page

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