MAMER 2019

They like traditions in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Already more than 60 times you have the annual thematic philately exhibition EXPHIMO in Mondorf-les-Bains (northern part of Luxemburg). But there is also an annual activity of maximaphily in Mamer (in the Southern part of Luxemburg), now already for the 30th time. This weekend (12-13 October) you can visit this specialised exhibition in Mamer Schlass (castle). The Luxemburg post is present with a special stamp issue and cancel, remembering the 75th anniversary of the liberation (2nd World War).

This year only 5 multiframe and a one frame were competing in this maximaphily exhibition. Many more were shown ‘hors concours’, also some of 5 Luxemburg judges. Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, former FIP secretary, was the president of the judges, together with Jos Wollf, honorary FIP president.

  • Pascal BANDRY (FR), Andorre, le pays des Pyrenées (87%, G)
  • Koenraad BRACKE (BE), Eulen (86%, G)
  • Jean-Claude WATTRIN (BE), Le peintre Nicolas Grigorescu et son époque (79%, V)
  • Lars BOETTGER (DE), Der 1. Weltkrieg und seine Konsequenzen (77%, V)
  • Roger THILL (LU), Giftnudeln und Pilzleckereien (76%, V)
  • Jacques SAVRE (FR), Versailles – Rencontre avec l’Art et l’Histoire (one frame – 81%, S)

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