IBRA 2021

The website of IBRA 2021, international FIP exhibition in Essen, has been launched, together with Bulletin 1, 48 pages (+ 4) of interesting information about the exhibition and Essen. It is already more than 20 years since the last IBRA 99 in Nürnberg. From 6 to 9th of May 2021 Essen will be the capital city of philately. It is now the 3rd international FIP exhibition that will be held in Germany – IBRA 73 in Munich being the first one.

Available halls are 6000m2 with place for approximately 2800 frames and 50 information stands of study and research groups. In the last years there were very few FIP exhibitions in Europe, so it will be interesting to see if this exhibition will also be oversubscribed as LONDON 2020. They had applications for 5000 frames, but only ca. 3000 can be accepted (in two shows of ca. 1500 frames each).

For the first time on an FIP exhibition digital literature will also be accepted in competition. AIJP has granted its patronage and will supervisie the reading room where also websites can be viewed on site.

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Member FIP Commission Thematic Philately Editor Themaphila
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