HUNFILA 2019 (2)

With almost 650 frames on HUNFILA 2019 many thematic exhibits were shown: 17 in the national class (not only from Hungary, but also from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) and also many in the one frame class. Also 7 Hungarian multiframe thematic philately exhibits and several one frame are shown in the special TEMAFILA 2019 (a 2nd rank exhibition). And another 7 Hungarian thematic philately exhibits are present in the special edition of “The stamp window to the world”. Two of the thematic judges, Artur Banas (Hungary) and Vojtech Jankovic (Slovakia) show their thematic exhibits in the honorary (jury) class


  • Rafael ACUNA CASTILLO (SP), Beware: Life is fragile! The eternal struggle of the human being in front of the disease (87%, G)
  • Horst HORIN (AT), Kurz – Mittel – Lang (86%, G)
  • György EGERSZEGI (HU), Hungarian Vassage – Hungarian Christianity until 13th century (85%, G)
  • Peter FENCL (CZ), Gagarin in a Skirt (83%, LV)
  • Constantin CALIN (RO), Lions in human culture (80%, LV)
  • Wolfgang BEYER (DE), Rackenvögel (79%, V)
  • Günter WOELK (DE), Von der Bewegungskultur zur Leichtathletik (7ç%, V)
  • Heinrich WELSCHHOFF (DE), Allerweltsvögel – Raubmöwen, Möwen, Seeschwalben (78%, V)
  • Kalman KRECSIK (HU), Summer Olympics and their medals 1896-1928 (75%, V)
  • Vasile FLORKIEVITZ (RO), Ein Leben gewidmet der Musik – Franz Liszt (73%, LS)
  • Marian LINDER (SK), Fencing – From origin of fencing to modern fencing and its competitions (73%, LS)
  • Dietrich ECKLEBE (DE), Schätze der Welt – Weltkulturerbe in Deutschland (71%, LS)
  • Ilie NEGREA (RO), Chronicle of the Olympics – from Antiquity until 1952 (71%, LS)
  • Wolfgang KNOSSALLA (DE), Martin Luther – Reformation Mit- und Gegenspieler (63%, SB)
  • Mihai Emanoil FLOREA (RO), Steam Locomotive (62%, SB)
  • Otto PISZTON (SK), The horse in the armed forces (58%, B)
  • Péter CZIBULA (HU), Land Transport (50%, B)

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