This weekend HUNFILA 2019, the national Hungarian stamp exhibition, is taking place in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. It is celebrating the first post card, now 150 years ago (see post here below). The full catalogue of this exhibition (mostly in Hungarian), with some words of the FIP and FEPA president (Bernard Beston and José Ramon Moreno) is online. You will also find an interesting article of Czirok Dénes, vice president of the exhibition and international FIP judge, on the first postcard (in Hungarian, but nicely illustrated).

With almost 650 frames on HUNFILA 2019 many thematic exhibits are shown: 17 in the national class (not only from Hungary, but also from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) and also many in the one frame class. Also 7 Hungarian multiframe thematic philately exhibits and several one frame are shown in the special TEMAFILA 2019 edition. And another 7 Hungarian thematic philately exhibits are present in the special edition of “The stamp window to the world”. Two of the thematic judges, Artur Banas (Hungary) and Vojtech Jankovic (Slovakia) show their thematic exhibits in the honorary (jury) class.

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