EFIRO 2019 in Bucharest

On the national exhibition EFIRO 2019 were displayed ca. 400 frames. The thematic philately class was the most popular with 24 exhibits (of 112 exhibits in total, not included literature). The jury awarded 13 gold medals (90-100%) and 20 large vermeil (85-89%) , but the highest award in thematic philately was only vermeil.

Thematic philately2400
Postal history1943
Picture postcards172*6
Open philately1352
Traditional philately1003
Postal stationery600

* The two picture postcards exhibits with a gold medal received 99%!

Thematic philately
Costas Christodoulidis (GR)Meteorology83% (V)
Artur Banas (HU) One of the most popular winter sports Alpine Skiing82% (V)
Vasile Florkievitz (RO)Ein Leben gewidmet der Musik – Franz Liszt82% (V)
Lajos Botos (HU)Antarctica – The White Desert81% (V)
Mihaela Barbu (RO)Freemasons in flight80% (V)
Constantin CalinLions in Human Culture 80% (V)
Anton-Valentin Chrustowicz (PL)Woman in Society 78% (LS)
Ion-Mircea Felmeth (RO)Nature in Heart Disease Prophylaxis87% (LS)
Tudor Neag (RO)Songbirds in the Danube Area78% (LS)
Constantin Butiuc (RO)World War I and its aftermath in Europe76% (LS)
Constantin Horia Barbu (RO)From Nature to Gastronomy – Illustrated Gastronomy75% (LS)
Constantin Horia Barbu (RO) So fragrant…75% (LS)
Marius Neag (RO)The Romanian village of another time75% (LS)
Samuel Pascaria (RO)Unifications of Romanians: personalities and perspectives73% (LS)
Constantin Daniliuc (RO)Personalities, places and symbols from the world of Summer Olympic Games70% (LS)
Vasile Paul (RO)Romanian Sport70% (LS)
Tivadar Gaudenyi (RS)Segments of the Serbian Geology69% (SB)
Tivadar Gaudenyi (RS)International Geological Congress69% (SB)
Ana-Maria-Narcisa Pop (RO)The Olympic Movement and Romanian Athletes67% (SB)
Traian Gongan (RO)Our Romanian village66% (SB)
Ion-Mircea Felmeth (RO)Heart65% (SB)
Constantin Zamfir (RO)Rugby, Olympic Sport65% (SB)
Victor Nicolau (RO)Beethoven, the miracle of music62% (SB)
Mihai Emanoil Florea (RO)Steam Locomotive55% (D)


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Member FIP Commission Thematic Philately Editor Themaphila
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