BELPHILA 2019 in Brest (Belarus)

From 4th to 8th September 2019 was organised a National Philatelic Exhibition of Belarus. BELPHILA 2019 was the 10th national exhibition, celebrating the 1000th anniversary of the city of Brest (in the west of Belarus at the border with Poland, opposite the Polish city of Terespol, where the Bug and Mukhavets rivers meet).

146 collections from 16 countries were represented – several postal administrations participated here. The competitive exhibits (ca. 80 in total) were presented in 7 exhibition classes – all from the former Soviet Union Countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia). They were divided in 55 multiframe exhibits (of which 28 thematic philately and 10 open philately!), 4 starters and 21 youth exhibits. Exhibits were mostly in Russian, so the titles here below are translated with Google Translate.

Thematic philately

  • Andreiuk Valery (BY), Three days from the life of a bison in Belovezhskaya Pushcha (96%, LG)
  • Yuri Loginov (RU), Fires and firefighters of the Second World War (85%, LV) 
  • Deviation Anatoly (RU), Air Fleet of Russia (83%, V) 
  • Rakunov Oleg (BY), Sky as a hunch (83%, V) 
  • Koto Igor (BY), XX century – pages of the history of atomic physics (81%, V)
  • Trofimuk Pavel (BY), A little about fishing (80%, V) 
  • Shikalovich Anatoly (RU), Medals of the Great Patriotic War (79%, LS)
  • Vyacheslav Zezyukov (BY), Beekeeping is a noble occupation for a long time (78%, LS) 
  • Borovtsov Anatoly (BY), Sporovsky Reserve: the story of a swamp (77%, LS) 
  • Hakobyan Robert (AM), The Armenian people in the Great Patriotic War, (77%, LS)
  • Makarin Alexander (RU), Brest and the Brest Fortress (76%, LS) 
  • Yuri Khripkov (RU), The ABC of Orthodoxy (74%, S) 
  • Ganets Nikita (BY), I have dreams about Belarus (71%, S) 
  • Kirillov Vasily (RU), Dzerzhinsky and Foreign Intelligence Agencies (71%, S) 
  • Kryvyak Vladimir (UA), Painting of the Italian Renaissance (71%, S) 
  • Parfyonenko Victor (BY), The missionary movement of Christians on postage stamps (71%, S) 
  • Pecheritsa Oleg (BY), Folk costumes (71%, S) 
  • Anischik Victor (BY), Jan Paul II-the history of the pontificate (70%, S)  
  • Igor Fedosenko (BY), Rotator of celestial bodies (70%, S) 
  • Muslov Sergey (RU), Sons of Russia. Semyon Dezhnev (70%, S) 
  • Karpovich Levon (BY), History of my country (65%, SB) 
  • Matrenichev Dmitry (BY), Sculptors of the sea (65%, SB) 
  • Matrenichev Vladimir (BY), Knights of the underwater world (65%, SB) 
  • Parfyonenko Victor (BY), Yes to the edge of the eternal … (65%, SB)
  • Veselov Yuri (BY), Marc Chagall (65%, SB)
  • Chistyakov Alexander (BY), Children – Our Peaceful Tomorrow (D) 
  • Nikolaev Sergey (BY), Olympics 80 (D) 
  • Zaremsky Vladimir (BY), Schmidt – Life in the Interests of the Homeland (D) 

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