Autumn STAMPEX 2019

Last weekend was the last STAMPEX before the international FIP exhibition LONDON 2020 takes place on the same location in the Business Design Centre (Islington). The subscription deadline for this international exhibition is already a long time ago, even if the exhibitors are not yet informed if they are accepted or not. The organisers were going to check on this STAMPEX what could be possible to get some more exhibits in there, since they have too many subscriptions for LONDON 2020.

On Autumn STAMPEX 2019 this time you could see 37 multiframe and 15 one frame exhibits. The traditional philately class was the strongest with 11 multiframe and 4 one frame exhibits. As usual in the UK also very popular the postal history class with 9 multiframe and 4 one frame exhibits. Only one exhibit (from Belgium!) was shown in the thematic philately class. Even if the UK has some very good international thematic philately exhibits on international level, very few are seen on the national stamp shows.

Roger VAN LAERE (BE)History of the Borders of Peru and Bolivia82% (LV)
Stewart GARDINER (GB)Sealing and Securing the Letter: “The Rise and Demise of the Wafer Seal”92% LG
John DAVIES (GB)A Jubilee Reminiscence91% (LG)
Alan FARRELL (GB)HMAV Bounty and its Legacy83% (LV)

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