APS StampShow – ATA National Topical Stamp Show 2019

Already for the 2nd time APS (American Philatelic Society) organised a joint show together with ATA (American Topical Association), who organises every year NTSS or the biggest topical stamp show. NTSS 2019 was held in Omaha (Nebraska) between August 1 and 4, 2019.

If you look to the palmares of NTSS you have as well what is called display or open class exhibits (as well thematic or topical). It is not clear to which class the exhibits belong, because they are not separated in the palmares. Also not clear are the points of every exhibit. As usual in the US they only give the medals in the palmares. It seemed that the exhibitors receive points now, so they could see where to ameliorate the exhibit, but this was not always the case before.

ATA has members all over the world, but almost all exhibitors in the NTSS are from the US. Only two foreign thematic philately exhibits made the long trip to the US – of the Belgian exhibitor Roger Van Laere (who already exhibited before at the NTSS). Even with so many thematic exhibits that are showed on the NTSS, only very few (or almost none) US thematic philately exhibits are shown on international FIP shows. Maybe because the FIP rules are slightly different from the APS rules? Or is there another reason?


  • Norman F. Jacobs Jr. (US), Tennis – from Game of Kings to Sport for All (LG)
  • Dawn R. Hamman (US), Backyard Chickens at Home, Then and Now (LG)
  • Norma Nielsen (US), The Story of Lloyd’s: From Coffee to Commerce (LG)
  • Larry Nix (US), Free to All – America’s Public Libraries 1833-1960 (LG)
  • Anthony Wawrukiewicz (US), The Sun, Myth, Science, Effects, Culture (LG)
  • Edward Bergen (US), Walt Disney’s Second Super Star: Donald Duck (G)
  • Paul B. Goodwin (US), Development, Organization and Operation of Argentina’s Railroads: 1857-1947 (G)
  • Edward Bergen (US), Walt Disney’s First Super Star: Mickey Mouse (G)
  • Igor Grigorian (US), Pre-Christian Armenia from Origins to the Temple of Grani (G)
  • Conrad Klinkner, Games of the Xth Olympiad – Los Angeles 1932 (G)
  • Raj V. Rajan, Mahatma Gandhi: 150 Years of Life and Legacy (1869-2019) (G)
  • Roger Van Laere (BE), History of the Borders of Peru and Bolivia (G)
  • Edwin J. Andrews (US), Hats, Protection – Identity – Fashion (LV)
  • Roger Van Laere (BE), Atlantic Puffin: Icon of the Isle of Lundy (LV)
  • Lan Qing Zhang (US), A History of the North American Indians (LV)
  • Susan B. Jones (US), The Coelacanth and the Comores (V)
  • Edwin J. Andrews (US), Trains, Components – Types – Uses – Renown (V)
  • Greg Balagian (US), In the Name of the Lion (V)
  • Gheorghii Plugari (US), U.S. Flag: Long May It Wave In Honor And Glory (LS)
  • Tomas L. Griebling (US), Rings of Glory: The Olympic Symbol as Philatelic Motif (LS)
  • Joel Cohen (US), 1919-2019: Baseball Before, During & After Jackie Robinson’s 100thB-Day (S)


  • Mark C. Maestrone (US), Men’s Gymnastics: Dressed to Win (LG)
  • Fran Adams (US), The Leticia Incident (LG)
  • George DeKornfeld (US), Making Whitetail Venison Sausage (LG)
  • Igor Grigorian (US), History of Incense and Armenian Scented Paper (G)
  • Dawn R. Hamman (US), When Ostrich Plumes Were all the Rage (G)
  • Jean C. Stout (US), The Display and Proper Use of the U.S. Flag – Honoring Old Glory! (G)
  • Bob Baltzell (US), Franklin Delano Roosevelt – A Gifted Collector (LV)
  • Paul B. Goodwin (US), The Guano Trade: Boom and Bust, 1845-1879 (V)
  • Laurie Anderson (US), Point Arena Lighthouse… Lighting the Way! (SB)
  • Timothy Bergquist (US), Superman: Celebrating 80 Years of an American Icon (SB) 

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