SINGPEX 2019 was already the 36th Asian International Stamp Exhibition. These FIAP exhibitions (Federation of Inter-Asian Philately) are organised every year – sometimes even twice a year. Asia is not only very active regarding organising international FIAP exhibitions, but also a lot of international FIP exhibitions are taking place in Asia in the last decade.

In the thematic philately class 34 exhibits were present, mostly from India (9), China (7), Indonesia (5) and Korea (4). No thematic exhibits from Australia and New Zealand, where the newer classes open philately (not present at SINGPEX 2019) and picture postcards (experimental class with 9 exhibits, 2 each from Australia and New Zealand) seem to be more popular now. A big gap of 8 points (!) between the large gold winner Tono Dwi Putranto (also the secretary of the FIP Thematic Philately Commission) and the following exhibits of the top 5 – all 4 from China with large vermeil medals. Very symbolic that a thematic exhibit about ‘lions’ wins in Singapore – with a lion in the logo of the exhibition. In total there were 10 large golds on SINGPEX 2019 (one in thematics) and 36 gold exhibits (none in thematics!).

Again like on CHINA 2019 most of the one frame thematic philately exhibits only received a certificate of participation and no points. Only one exhibit in thematics received a medal – not so for the one frame exhibits in the other classes where almost everybody received a medal.

  • Tono Dwi Putranto (ID), Journey of an old king from Serengeti  – 96% (LG)
  • Pu Chen (CN), The Smallest State with the Largest Church – Vatican City – 88% (LV)
  • Shenghui Chen (CN), The Horse, Distant Memories – 88% (LV)
  • Zan Sun (CN), Learning Western Painting through the Louvre – 87% (LV)
  • Jiaxing Wang (CN), First Aid – 87% (LV)
  • Ashoo Sinchawla (TH), The Birth of Gems: Rough to Regal – 86% (LV)
  • Shihong Fan (CN), Smoking, From Epidemic to Control – 85% (LV)
  • Takehiko Koto (JP), World War II in Asia, Causes and Consequences – 83% (V)
  • Kim My Thi Nguyen (VN), Alexandre Yersin – A Saviour of Humanity – 83% (V)
  • Awaluddin Haldi (ID), We are Birds: Our Inspiration and Influences – 82% (V)
  • Gwang Seok Park (KR), History of Energy and Power – 82% (V)
  • Anand Kakad (IN), Birds of the pheasant family – 80% (V)
  • Dinesh Chandra Sharma (IN), Summer Olympic Games – 80% (V)
  • Hongmei Guo (CN), A talk about Headgear – 78% (LS)
  • Adam Malek Ishak (MY), The Fire Fighter – 78% (LS)
  • Bahrudin Adiutama (ID), The Primates – 77% (LS)
  • Jin Soo Kim (KR), The Tiger – 77% (LS)
  • Sang Man Shin (KR), Children – Adorable Treasure – 77% (LS)
  • Sodoo Chadraabal (MN), Genghis Khan – 75% (LS)
  • Shaoke Li (CN), The Charm of Chinese Zodiac Culture – 75% (LS)
  • G N Surya Hadinata (ID), The developing of scouting, my journalist report – 73% (S)
  • Zulfadli Samad Thahir (ID), Birds Benefit for Human – 72% (S)
  • Sandeep Chaurasia (IN), Human Health and Diseases – 71% (S)
  • Daniel Monteiro (IN), Waterfowl – A journey through its life – 71% (S)
  • Misheel Dorjkhorloo (MN), Intercosmos – 70% (S)
  • Ashwani Dubey (IN), World Scout Movement – 70% (S)
  • Manohar Thakre (IN), Fishes – We May Not be Knowing? – 70% (S)
  • Hussain Mohamed Ahmed Al Amoudi (SA), Holy Places Pictorial Mail – 68% (SB)
  • Jin Soo Kim (KR), UNESCO World Cultural Heritage of Republic of Korea – 68% (SB)
  • Vindhya Thakre (IN), Fishing – A Way of Life – 68% (SB)
  • Sridhar K (IN), The Candle on the water – 66% (SB)
  • Ramod Kumar Saraf (IN), Feathered Wonders – 65% (SB)
  • Saleh Abdul Jabbar (SA), Ships of the world and explorers – 58% (CP)
  • Rohitha Mataranrachchi (LK), Road Vehicles  


  • Mohammed Alzahrani (SA), Ambulance – 68% (SB)
  • Anura Samaraweera (LK), The World of Elephants
  • Paramasivam Srinivasan (IN), Magpie in nature and myth
  • Paramasivam Srinivasan (IN), The World of Flamingos
  • Yonghua Xiao (CN), Sugarcanes
  • Xuebin Yan (CN), Horse Carriage
  • Jun Zheng (CN), Sleep

Schermafbeelding 2019-09-08 om 13.12.29

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