From 23th until 25th of August took place the multilateral NORDIA exhibition of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The NORDIA 2019 stamp show was held in Sarpsborg in the south of Norway. After STOCKHOLMIA 2019 this must have been the biggest stamp show of 2019 in the Nordic countries. Ca. 100 exhibits were present or more than 600 frames (included the one frames).

Only 5 thematic philately exhibits were in competition. After the open philately (10 exhibits) seems to be more popular than thematic philately for already some time in some Nordic countries, now also the postcards (6 exhibits) had more exhibits then thematics. 3 of 5 exhibits in thematic philately were from the same exhibitor, so only 3 exhibitors of the Nordic countries were competing in the thematic philately class. The two judges were Jari Majander (Finland) and Hallvard Slettebø (Norway) – both international FIP judges who already received international large golds for their thematic exhibits.

  • Leif W. Rasmussen (DK), Animals subjected to man – 92% (G)
  • Leif W. Rasmussen (DK), An evolving city – 88% (LV)
  • Leif W. Rasmussen (DK), Nature’s wildlife exploited by humans – 87% (LV)
  • Harald Sandsaeter (GB), The Principles of the Red Cross – a guide to humanity – 85% (LV)
  • Odd Johansen (NO), Bridges – The fascinating links – 81% (V)

logo_Nordia_2019_SMALL            utstallningsfrimarke2019_sarpsborg_760px

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