In Argentina was organised the international FIAF exhibition Buenos Aires 2019 from 26th until 31st of August. 95 exhibits (of which 8 thematic) from the Americas were present, plus 45 exhibits (of which 9 thematic) in the one frame class. In the thematic class only exhibits of the Latin American countries – none of Canada and the USA. Fortunately in the palmares you may find the results (points) of the jury, so not only the medals (as usual in a palmares in Canada and the USA).

Also all the thematic one frame exhibits were given points (but no medals). Even one exhibit that received only 59% at CHINA 2019 received here the first prize with 88%.

BUENOS AIRES 2019 (Argentina)

International FIAF exhibition (26-31 August 2019)


  • Raudel BUSTO (CU), Una Mirada a la saves desde la perspectiva humana – 91% (G)
  • Cesar Augusto Moraes BOLZAN (BR), From the Devil’s Herb to the green gold – The tradition of drinking “Mate”! – 86% (V)
  • Enzo BELLINI (UY), The turtles: A singular evolutionary success – 83% (V)
  • Alfredo PELÁEZ CASTELLO (UY), Crónicas del balón pie – 78% (LS)
  • Juan Pedro REYES SOTO (PE), Pequeños dioses y demonios – 77% (LS)
  • Braz MARTINS NETO (BR), Estado de Direito Defesa e Violação – 72% (S)
  • Juan José RESTREPO MESA (CO), Salvando obstáculos: Los Puentes – 70% (S)
  • Juan Enrique PAGE DE LA VEGA (ES), Ernesto Guevara de la Serna “Che” (out of competition)


  • Enzo BELLINI (UY), The Mini: The little giant – 88%
  • Sergio RECUENCO CABRERA (PE), Los Emblemas del Perú independiente – 88%
  • Ginaldo BEZERRA DA SILVA (BR), In Wonderful City: Visit Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountain – 79%
  • Rubem PORTO Jr. (BR), A.P.O. Serviço Militar – 76%
  • José Ricardo BARRETTO (BR), Doutoras da Igreja – 70%
  • Carlos Eduardo CANADELL (AR), The another human: “Neanderthals” – 69%
  • Santiago VILLAGOMEZ (EC), Soy el agua, element esencial de la vida – 63%
  • Francisco BARONE (UY), Todo comenzó en Greccio – El pesebre – 61%
  • Christián GARCÍA (CL), Un reportero audaz – 60%


Schermafbeelding 2019-09-08 om 15.51.52

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