It will not be easy ever to organise an exhibition again with so many famous exhibits. Out of 398 exhibits not less than 70 received a large gold medal. 5 of the large golds were for thematic philately exhibitors – 3 of them (as well as the winner Joachim Maas) came from Germany (all three of them previous ECTP winners). The exhibition celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society of London – in Sweden, thanks to Jonas Hällström and his team.

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 (29 May – 2 June 2019)

Exhibition 150th anniversary RPSL


  • Joachim Maas (DE), Mathematics, a science between theory and application – 97% (LG)
  • Joshua Magier (IL), Land Cultivation from the Beginning of Agriculture to the Present Time – 96% (LG)
  • Alfred Schmidt (DE), The Statues of Knight Roland, Medieval Symbols of Civic Rights – 96% (LG)
  • Lutz König (DE), Pigeons – Great diversity in the wild – Domesticated and admired by man – 95% (LG)
  • Lesley Marley (GB), A Whale’s Tale – 95% (LG)
  • Paolo Guglielminetti (IT), The Unfinished Network – History of African Railways93% (G)
  • André Scheer(NL), Masks of the Universe91% (G)
  • Reinaldo Estevao Macedo (BR), Rivers Harnessed – Energy in Liberty – 88% (LV)
  • Brian Sole (GB), Go by cycle!– 88% (LV)
  • Pradip Jain (IN), Mahatma Gandhi – A Life in Service of Humanity – 86% (LV)
  • André Scheer (NL), Air strikes to win  – 86% (LV)
  • Mark Bottu (BE), Music: talking with God– 85% (LV)
  • Kaido Andres (EE), University of Tartu 1632-2012 (People and Circumstances) – 81% (V)
  • Julije Maras (HR), Gold & Golden – 81% (V)
  • Rogério Dedivitis (BR), The Life Beat – 80% (V)
  • Wei Tian, Life on the Ship – A Sea Dog’s Story – 77% (LS)
  • Alan Watson (GB), Heraldry: The Gentle Science   – 77% (LS)
  • Madiraju Lokeswara Rao (IN), Threats to its Habitat and Conservation – 56%


  • Roger Van Laere (BE), The Peru-Ecuador War of 1941   – 76% (LS)
  • Grace Davies (GB), Alfred Nobel and his Legacy– 70% (S)

Schermafbeelding 2019-09-08 om 13.32.54

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