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The AICPM (Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare e Storia Postale or the Italian Association of Collectors of Military Post and Postal History) started a new web portal of philately. The Stamp on the Web portal  is not only about the Federations, the Societies, Academies, Museums, Philatelic Magazines, etc., but also on all classes of philately and all kind of other philatelic links. Mostly interesting is a link to – what they say – 4000 online exhibits. So far they have no link to philatelic blogs 😉

Press release of Giancarlo Morolli (2nd Chairman of the FIP Commission Thematic Philately and now vice president FEPA):

On 18 January AICPM, the largest Italian postal history association, launched a new philatelic Portal, Stampontheweb is a portal for everyone sharing our hobby, designed to make life easier as far as searching for information in the web is concerned.

The main goal of Stampontheweb is increasing the value of the information currently present on the web by making it more visible and easier to access to all Internet navigators. In so doing, Stampontheweb is a service to the great world of philately, as it makes more effective the work done by the thousands who have devoted their efforts to creating and maintaining philatelic information on the web.

The Stampontheweb Advisory Committee is chaired by Piero Macrelli, AICPM President, and includes, among others, Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi, AEP President, and Giancarlo Morolli, FEPA Vice President. After a careful check of a very large number of philatelic websites, their content has been classified in main categories accessible though the portal. Hence, no heavy work is needed to sort out the outcome of a search performed with one of the many engines available of the net, as they have been already sifted through and assigned to the various categories. The classification is structured in chapters devoted to general philatelic resources as well as to specialized resources, especially useful for exhibitor. For instance, four thousand exhibits can be accessed using this no-frills portal.

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