It is all about teeth

Last year we posted a message about a French book on dentistry in philately « Histoire de la Médecine Bucco-Dentaire au travers de la Philatélie ». Now the second part of this book is available from the author. In this new volume, published 23th of January 2016, you will find some new information on 260 pages. More information from the author Henri Aronis (see references in other blog post here below).



On the national exhibition Phila-France in Mâcon there was an interesting exhibit with “all about teeth”: Les dents dans leur environnement of Henri Aronis. He started exhibiting in the thematic philately class. And after a sideway in the open class last year on Philapoitiers he is now back, better than ever, in the thematic philately class again, with a large vermeil medal.

He knows “all about teeth”, after working as a dentist for 40 years in Brussels (Belgium). He is born in Brussels and did his studies at the ULB, but is now living (and exhibiting) in France. He already started being interested in stamps in the eighties, but it is only after his retirement in 2000 that he spends more time in his hobby.

He accumulated a lot of material so it seemed inevitable to start exhibiting and also spreading the information through his website. October 2014 he…

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