TAIPEI 2015 – the results

Next year we will have the international FIP exhibition in Taipei (October 2016, but at the end of April 2015 there was a FIAP (Asian) exhibition in Taipei. In total only 17 thematic philately exhibits were presented, as usual in the 3 thematic classes Nature, Culture and Technology. Exhibitors from 10 different countries: Chinese Taipei (5), Indonesia (3), Mongolia (3), Bahrain (1), India (1), Korea (1), Malaysia (1), Oman (1) and UAE (1). The average of points was 76% or a large silver medal. Of the 6 large golds of the exhibition one in the thematic philately class I-Hung Ho (Carbohydrate Food and Beverage) and also only 1 of 15 golds to thematic exhibit – both to an exhibitor from Chinese Taipei.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-28 om 17.45.39


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