Sheet sizes – one example

On the national exhibition Phila-France in Mâcon I have checked all the thematic philately exhibits regarding sheet sizes.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-28 om 16.08.14

So more than half of the exhibitors still only use A4 pages. If they choose the larger pages, in France it is till common to use the A3 pages (and not the size in between A4 and A3 as is seen now o,n international level more in some German exhibits). The A3 is not easy to handle and to fill the page correctly. Some of the exhibitors still divide a lot of these A3 pages in two parts, sometimes even separated by a line in the middle of the page (example 1 below). But some others are able to fill the whole page and take care of the fact that you have to read from left to right and from above to below.

If you have a large subject and you want to use A3 size, this may cause you problems in putting the subtitles on the pages. With A3 you only have half of the pages, so you only can use half of the subtitles that you are able to use on the A4 size pages. With a narrow theme you may not have this problem.

Another problem with larger pages maybe the transport of the exhibit. This may make it difficult for the commissioner to take your exhibit with him (sometimes by hand luggage). If you only have very few A3 pages, it has already happened that people who are dismounting the exhibits on some international exhibition and are not aware of what they have in their hands, they want to fold these big pages so they have the same size as the rest of the exhibit – A4.

An exhibit on “playing cards” used the size of a big A4 playing card with rounded edges (see example below at the right).

IMG_4744   IMG_4456

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6 Responses to Sheet sizes – one example

  1. I think an A3 sheet has more area to exhibit than two A4 because the edges of the pages limit the space. In an A3 sheet you need more material, more items than in two A4.

    • kobra says:

      You are quite right – on A3 sheets you have more space to put items and text. On the other hand A3 pages are more inviting to place bigger items, so at the end you may even have less items. If you place at several occasions in your exhibit an original drawing that takes the space two A4 pages, these could not have been shown on A4 (and if you use A4 you would have put many more items on 2 A4 as in one A3 with an original drawing).

  2. I currently use 28cm x 28cm meaning letter size by letter size as it allows for exhibit frames all over the world including Brazil, USA and Australia

  3. Ray Harris says:

    Do you find exhibition protectors in the correct size?

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