Phila-France 2015 – the best in class

Alea iacta est – the jury has given his verdict at Phila-France in Mâcon. The best in class is the exhibit about “Freemasonry” of Jean Luc Joing, now living in Pau, but originally coming from Dunkerque, a city at the French coast, near to the Belgian border. On the second place we find an exhibit showing a symbol of France, the “Rooster”.

1. Jean-Luc Joing, La Franc Maconnerie (93%)

2. Jacques Chautemps, Le coq, un domestique, mais une star! (90%)

3. Jacques Rothenburg, Belle comme une rose! (88%)

In total 32 thematic philately exhibits were shown. In one frame class only one thematic exhibit, but this one was hors concours. Also in the open philately class almost all thematic exhibits – 27 in total. Only the postal history class is more popular in France with even 42 exhibits.

Only one team of thematic judges, so they had a lot of work to do. A team of three experienced judges – two of them international FIP (Bernard Jimenez, president of the jury, and Marcel Nadal) and the third one is the president of the AFPT, national thematic philately association of France (Jean-Francois Duranceau), also experienced as Eurothema-judge.

image Pages of exhibit “Freemasonry

image Pages of exhibit “The Rooster

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