Girl power on EXPHIMO

Who says that philately is a hobby for the males? Not so in Bad Mondorf. The two best in class are a Belgian and a French woman!

1. Edith De Clercq (B), Een passie voor koffie (86%)

2. Françoise Raviglio (F), Le sel (85%)

3. Maurizio Rocci (D), Wein, Zauber einer alten Tradition (83%)

3. Adolf Bläumauer (A), An der Froschlacke beginnt’s (83%)

5. Reinhard Wagner (A),  Der Osterhas erzählt euch was (81%)

6. Manfred Heiland (D), Alltägliches auf europäischen Bauernhöfen (80%)

image Edith De Clercq (right)

IMG_4127 1st frame of winning exhibit (“Coffee”) – in Luxemburg they have frames with real glass and 3 rows of 5 pages (so 15 pages in one frame).

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