Also this weekend a big stamp show in Mâcon in France, the annual national stamp show PHILA-FRANCE 2015 (with the annual congress of FFAP). Here not only 200 frames, but almost 200 exhibits with 32 thematic philately and 9 youth thematic philately. Also open philately is very popular in France with almost 30 exhibits. This means that the thematic classes all together are the biggest of the exhibition.

On this national stamp show also a national champion is elected. This price regularly goes to the classes traditional philately and postal history, but two years ago the Grand Prix went to a thematic philately exhibit. Bernard Jimenez was the Champion with his exhibit De la pierre au joyau (“From stone to jewel”).

Good news for thematic philatelists in France, because next year not only the big national exhibition PHILA-FRANCE will take place, but also the national thematic exhibition THEMAFRANCE. So far 8 THEMAFRANCE exhibitions have been organised by AFPT (French National Association of Thematic Philately) – the last one already 7 years ago in La Baule. Let’s hope everything goes well so we may see the next THEMAFRANCE next year in Toul (north-eastern France, so near to Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany).

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 15.50.01

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