The International FEPA Stamp Exhibition FINLANDIA 2017 will be arranged in Tampere on May 24th-28th 2017. This exhibition is arranged with FEPA patronage and with FIP recognition. The leading theme of the project is the 100th anniversary of independence of Finland. It is meant to be the largest stamp exhibition in Europe in 2017 with ca. 2200 exhibition frames. The FEPA Grand Prix Class and the Picture Postcard Class are included for the first time in any FEPA exhibition. Not only with exhibitors from all FEPA countries, but also from the invited countries USA and New Zealand.

No doubt that there will be an important representation in the thematic philately class with so many renowned thematic philatelists in the organizing committee (just to name a few: Raino Haino, commissioner general; Jukka Mäkinen, chairman; Jarkko Leppänen, Tampere main exhibition; Jari Majander, philatelic matters). More information you may find in Bulletin 1 of the exhibition.


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