Seminar LONDON 2015

In a press release on the website of FEPA exhibition LONDON 2015 you can read the following: Four seminars, organised by FEPA on Wednesday and Thursday, will look at ways of developing exhibits of Postal History, Traditional Philately, Open Philately and Thematic Philately. These will be presented by Jorgen Jorgensen, Richard Stock, Graham Winters and Bernard Jimenez respectively.

The seminar will be presented on Thursday 14 May in Conference Room F, 3 to 5 pm: How to improve a thematic exhibit, the importance of philatelic material.  Bernard Jimenez (France) is FIP Director for Europe, also responsible in the Board for Thematic Philately.

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-17 om 10.19.42      jimenez_bernard_2008_fondgris-1-1


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